Sunday, March 12, 2017

First Spring Game of 2017 Orangemen vs Reston Lake Fairfax Park's been a while since I've posted the action from one of our games.  But 2016 was a rebuilding year, nevertheless, we had some successes.  Now has we enter 2017, with the addition of leadership coming from Q, we are starting to have even more success.  

Last night at Lake Fairfax park, even though numbers were down because temperature was in the low 20's, enough players showed up to have a classic match.  Q provided the following write up to me after midnight last night.  So he was clearly stoked...

We had 9 [players who] showed up. Reston had 5 players at the beginning but ended up with 9 at the end (players showed up late). They went up 2-0 after 20 more mins. Alfredo scored the first and I the second to tied it up by the half. Second half Reston went up by 2 again 4-2 (not again) Kenny equalized then Leon tied it up. We had a lot of chances as usual but couldn't finish. It was a really good and highly frustrating game because of all the chances we had. Jan and David we exceptional at the back as well as George....everyone worked they azz off, Kenny had a hamstring injury and came off for about 15 mins before returning but wasn't 100%. Game needed at 4-4.

Great write up Q.  I was right there in the action with you.  Sadly I didn't make the game as I pulled my left calf on an elliptical machine at the Marriott in Nashua NH, on Wednesday evening.  What does it say about your conditioning if you can pull a muscle on an elliptical?  Nothing good I assure you.  Great work lets work on getting real numbers out for the game.

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